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Year 2017

After 4 years of cooperation, Mr. Engelbert SCHMID awarded us an exclusive sales office for Slovakia.


The MUSICTECH Slovakia s.r.o. company became on the 1st of April an affiliate of the I.S.H.Saiten und Harfen Vertriebs GmbH company, which is the main supplier of Lyon Healy harps for Europe. Thus, we are the exclusive representative for Slovakia.

At the same time we became an exclusive representative for LEITZINGER company, top producer of professional bassoons.

Year 2016
We started our cooperation with SILVERSTEIN company, the ligature maker for clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces.

Year 2015

We opened a new showroom.

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In December we became an exclusive representatives of top clarinet and saxophone reeds maker GONZALEZ for Slovakia.


Year 2014

We became an exclusive retail representatives for Slovakia of JODY JAZZ company, top maker of saxophone mouthpieces.

Jj 2

During the summer, Mr. Volkmara Kuehnle, retail manager of BUFFET CRAMPON GROUP, visited our office. We agreed on cooperation and I became a selling official of these instruments.

Buffet Mr.V

A cooperation with foreign makers helps me to keep in touch with new repair technologies. My workshop is equipped with the newest tools and instruments of German firm Josef Boehm.

Snímka 1

Year 2013

In 2013 my company MUSICTECH Slovakia s.r.o. became a member of Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 


My cooperation with the top maker of French horns Engelbert Schmid, Germany, started in the same year. An internship at his place allowed me to extend the scale of repairs of brass instruments, especially French horns.

Schmid 1
Schmid 7
Schmid 10
Schmid 9

Year 2012

I extended the area of my interest to restoring of historical instruments.

Hubicka2 01
Hubička 2 02
Hubicka2 03
Hubicka2 04
Hubicka2 05
Hubicka2 06
Hubicka2 07
Hubicka2 08
Hubicka2 09
Hubicka2 10

This work is very specific, because it requires vast knowledge in the area of restoring. It is mainly the value of historical heritage, which is important to preserve. The restorer must know in detail the technology and materials used to make the instruments. It is necessary to know how to make the missing parts and how to restore the damaged ones in a skilled way. During 2013 and 2012 I have restored several historical brass instruments from 18th century for Museum of Coins and Medals in Kremnica city.

Muzeum Klarinet 03
Muzeum Klarinet 04
Muzeum Klarinet 06
Muzeum Klarinet 10
Muzeum Klarinet 14


Year 2009

In 2009 I asked Mr. Finda – maker of top piccolos and a former solo piccolo player of FOK (Prague Symphony Orchestra) – to cooperate with me in piccolo overhaul. This nice cooperation lasts till today and Mr. Finda is my invaluable advisor in this very complicated repair category.

The growing interest of professional musicians in instruments overhaul, and the cooperation with abroad musical instruments producers led me to establishing of the company MUSICTECH Slovakia s.r.o. (2009). From the beginning I am successfully involved in public procurement for Slovak professional orchestras. In trading area I am cooperating with producers such as Buffet Crampon, Muramatsu, Adams, Schmid Leitzinger and others.

Year 2008

In 2008 I did internship in Japanese company Muramatsu, which belongs among the world top flute producers. I have been working in all departments and I took part in manufacturing process from the start to the final flutes adjusting. The internship had a profound significance for me, because I have learned exceptional things, which only the best producers know.

Today I am the exclusive representative reseller and serviceman of MURAMATSU company.

Japonsko 1
Japonsko 7
Japonsko 2
Japonsko 8
Muramatsu 5
Japonsko 4


Year 2002

The fact of missing professional musical instruments service in Slovakia has brought me in 2002 to the idea of the wooden wind instruments repairing. First, I started to repair clarinets and saxophones. Later I became interested also in flutes and bassoons. Without professional guidance my work would fail, so I started to cooperate with a Dutch restorer Petrus Groot, who was working in England for flute maker Trevor James.

Dielna 1
Dielna 3
Dielna 4
Dielna 2
Dielna 2002


Year 1989

After I graduated the clarinet play at the College of Musical Arts in Bratislava, I became a member of the State Chamber Orchestra in Žilina in 1989, where I am still working as a clarinetist. Besides my work, with my colleagues we established the Žilina’s Wind Trio. We have performed in many concerts in Slovakia and abroad. During our cooperation we have issued a profile CD.
Trio 1
Trio 2


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