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harfa Lyon Healy Style 30

Lyon Healy
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harfa Lyon Healy Style 30
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style 30
37,00 kg
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Style 30 Concert Grand

47 strings
0 octave G to 7th octave C

73" (185 cm)

Soundboard Width
22" (56 cm)

Extreme Width
39" (99 cm)

81 lbs (37 Kg)

A modern harp created by Lyon & Healy in 1958, the Style 30 has a stately, formal look that endures the test of time.  The sculpted vertical lines in the Hard Maple column are offset by soft arcs at the top.  Angles in the base are restrained by a curved slope and beveled edges.  The extended Sitka Spruce soundboard with single inlay edging features two subtle angles, giving the illusion of a bend and complementing the graceful design of the column.  The architectural shape of the harp creates a unique and brilliant sound.  Ornamented solid brass action plates add to the allure of this refined harp.  The Style 30 is available in mahogany, walnut and ebony finishes and comes with a cover, tuning key and a 5-year limited warranty.


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